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Techieslabs, Techieslabs, as the name suggests, is an insight into technology, how it can be skilfully and effectively manipulated, to drive definite personal and corporate results. Techieslabs, the name, is a play on the idea of a bunch of motivated people (in smart white overalls of course), making technology simple, accessible, result oriented and with far-reaching implications for everyone- the expert to a rank simpleton.

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Have a challenging project? Or a particular resource draining workproposition? At Techieslabs, we combine years of accumulated experience and domain expertise to find answers for those demanding tech based questions. As professional technological consultants, we easily engage in our role

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Web streaming

As our generation becomes more and more comfortable with the internet, and informational systems become more robust and seamless, web streaming or webcasting has become a common mode of information dispersal and communication. At Techieslabs, our webcasting services cover conventions,

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Digital Archiving

As data is generated, it must concurrently be stored securely. In today’s world, the quantum of data generated by a single organization could make Digital Archiving a challenging and laborious task. Thankfully, Techieslabs hold the expertise in storing digital originals

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Turnkey solutions

Techieslabs prides itself at being a responsible and expert turnkey solution provider. Clients can procure off the shelf solutions that require limited consultation, hand-holding and a minimal configuration cycle. These solutions are customized to easily scale up and blend seamlessly

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System Integration

System Integration is an important process in today’s world of seamless information technology and massive data. The calculated linking together of different computing systems and software applications, either physically or functionally, rendering them to act as a single responsive unit,

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Teleport integration

Teleportation or Teletransportation is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. It is a common subject in science fiction literature, film, video games, and television.

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“Media Sols gets social media and its importance to the ENTIRE company, not just marketing. Whether it’s blogging, info-graphic creation, speaking and presentations, or consulting, they bring clear-headed, thoughtful, spot-on ideas about the social Web and its societal ”

Aditi Chopra

HR Manager

“They have been a contributing author for my industry blog Social Media Explorer since the fall of 2010. His visualizations and creativity alone are a phenomenal addition to the thought leadership and idea-starting content we produce, but he adds a seasoned layer of strategy, business ”

Pankaj Sharma

Marketing Monster

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